4 comments on “Sophie’s Choice

  1. I remember thinking of watching this film a ways back, but I decided not to because of how depressing it sounded. I will have to put it back on my list though; it’s sad how small the number of Meryl Streep’s performances that I’ve seen is.

    • Hunter, for so many months I put off watching this for the same reason. Streep’s performance makes it worth the watch, there are many of her Oscar nominated performances I still need to see.

  2. Alyson, I don’t know whether to say that you were “lucky” for knowing what was coming; but when I saw it back in 1982, all I had heard was that Meryl Streep had given a performance that would go down in Film History. Oh, of course I had heard of the book, but I never had any idea of the plot and had no real desire to read a book about the holocaust. So when I first saw the film, I remember being overwhelmed by Streep’s performance from the get-go while wondering what the “choice” was going to be…maybe just between Nathan and Stingo. When it came down to that awful scene in Auschwitz when we learn what the choice is, I remember going numb and almost into shock…I think I came as close to fainting as I’ve ever come in a theater. The image of Meryl Streep with mouth open in a silent scream is one that will stay in my memory. This portrayal of Sophie is the crown jewel in the remarkable career of a remarkable actress.
    As far as the Oscars go, Kevin Kline’s performance should have been recognized with a nomination, and (at least in my mind) the film could easily have replaced “The Verdict” as a Best Picture nominee. Definitely a MUST-SEE film, even as depressing as it is. Thanks for including it!

    • Ken, I would much rather watch all movies completely blind and oblivious to spoilers. To not see that scene coming might have sent me into hysterics, I was shocked enough. Kline does give a spirited performance, perhaps it was hard to stand out next to Streep. I agree that this could have easily replaced The Verdict.

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