5 comments on “Summer 2013 Movies: Part II

  1. I agree. I flat out do not even know what happened during the overlong barrage of CGI that was Man of Steel’s ending. I thought the rest of the film was good enough, though not something I went crazy over. Didn’t see WWZ or Monster’s U.
    I feel like the summer started out well with Iron Man and Star Trek (for me) but now there just isn’t much I want to see. However, I’m really excited as a theater near me is showing Lawrence of Arabia, 2001 A Space Odyssey, and Mean Street in July and I’m going to see them all! This is especially exciting as I missed Lawrence back in October and I never thought I would get the opportunity again!
    Also partially excited and partially scared to see Only God Forgives which is in a couple weeks. Really not sure how that’s going to go. Regardless the fall movies will be here soon enough!

    • Glad it wasn’t just me who was unimpressed with Man of Steel.
      I’m so excited for you, getting to see all those classic movies soon! 2001 is near the top of my gotta-see-it-in-theaters list.
      Only God Forgives looks great, I’m excited to see it.

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  3. I had a sneaking you wouldn’t enjoy Man of Steel, Alyson, but I do find it surprising you didn’t like Monster University. I took my kids to see it during the week and I thought it was excellent. Certainly not the best Pixar’s ever done, but still a cut above a lot of the other crud coming out under the banner of “family entertainment”.

    • Wait, I did enjoy Monsters University! Sorry, was that not clear? Not Pixar’s best, but still a fun piece of modern animation. So glad to hear you got to enjoy it with your family.

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