9 comments on “The African Queen

  1. I’m glad you feel the same way about this film that I do. The b-roll of animals did seem off to me at first, but i think it fits in better seeing it on bluray. And it was actually filmed in the heart of africa, something you dont see much of anymore these days.

    • I bet this would be stunning on bluray. I’ve heard a few stories about the filming in Africa, including that most of the crew got sick from drinking the water, except for Bogart and Huston who drank whiskey. Not sure how accurate that is, but makes for a good story.

  2. I love this film too! So much fun. I haven’t seen it in a while but it’s one of my favorites.
    My favorite part is when they get married and I forget who says it but someone says something like “till death do us part which will be in the next few minutes.” Lots of funny moments in this film.
    I’m always conflicted about best actor for this year. On one hand, Brando was magnificent in Streetcar and his is a more impressive performance, but on the other hand I believe that this is Bogart’s best performance (that I’ve seen). He disappears into the character and has great chemistry with Hepburn (who is also fantastic here). It probably also helped that he’s a much more likable guy than Stanley Kowalski!

    • I agree Hunter, this is the best performance by Bogart that I’ve seen as well. And to compare Charlie Allnut to Stanley Kowalski, they’re night and day! I too enjoyed all the funny moments throughout the film, so fun!

  3. It’s funny — I was just talking about this film on another blog, and now I can’t remember where. If I find the post, I’ll link to it.

    This is one of my favorite movie romances, because it’s part of a much bigger story, not just “will so-and-so ask whoever to the prom?”

    And, wow, does it show what movie stars can do. Like Sleuth (the original) it’s basically a two-hander almost all the way through, and that’s just fine.

    Oh, and to the Brando/Bogart question, in general (not always, but in general) if there are two outstanding acting performances in a year in one category, and one is by a veteran who is well liked in the community and who has never won, and the other is by a young actor who’s just starting out, the veteran will get it. It’s actors voting, after all, and think of all the great performances where Bogart didn’t win.

    A much more extreme example was John Wayne winning for the True Grit. Far from his best performance, but you know people were thinking about those better performances when they were voting for him.

  4. Good point, Brando was the young-gun and Bogart was much more seasoned at the time. To break a close race, go with the veteran. I haven’t seen all of True Grit with John Wayne, so I can’t weigh in heavily there, now I’ll have to catch it. Please do share the link if you find it.

    • I still remember the shock when Lauren Bacall was assumed to be the inevitable winner one year, and then she lost (to Juliette Binoche, if I remember correctly). It was clear that everybody (including both actresses) had just been sure it was Bacall’s year.

      If you’re going to see True Grit, I’d recommend the more recent version, by the Coens, which is excellent. Not to run down the original, which is good, but in this case (IMHO) the remake is better.

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