5 comments on “Turbo and the Indy 500

  1. I really enjoyed your review for this film. Now, I’m not a racing fan, but I do live in Indiana, Greenwood to be exact, and was pleasantly surprised to see the Indy 500 play a major part of this film. I always enjoy it when any TV show or film places it setting somewhere around Indianapolis. Let’s be honest, in most cases, Indiana doesn’t seem to be an appealing setting for Hollywood unless it involves farmers or basketball. With that being said, I was curious as to how accurate their portrayal of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway would be. As I said before, I’m not a racing fan, but I do know, respect and understand what this place means and how important this event is to some people.

    • Glad to meet a fellow Hoosier, I’ve got some family in Greenwood! You’re right, even local non-racing fans understand the importance of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It directly affects everyone’s lives every May (and traffic if you have to travel on the west side.)

  2. At this point, I’d be thankful that something from Indiana is featured prominently in a movie. That doesn’t happen all that often unfortunately. Sure, we have James Dean, Michael Jackson, and Garfield creator Jim Davis, and Scatman Crothers but we have talent. It’s just that the world of film needs to make a trip out east and see what Hoosiers have to offer.

    To Hollywood: there’s more than corn in Indiana.

    • Well said. We also have Irene Dunn, Steve McQueen, Axl Rose, Amelia Earhart and Wilber Wright. I remember when the John Dillinger movie came out a few years ago, Public Enemies. It was exciting how key scenes were filmed in my husband’s hometown.

      • I may end up reviewing one movie around Christmas that was filmed in Auburn. I’m even an extra (just the back of my head in a hard-to-find place for a few seconds but I’m really there).

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