2 comments on “The Triplets of Belleville

  1. Thanks for reminding me of this film. What a wonderful piece of art, fantastically atmospheric in its slightly depiction of a slighty sad, slightly decrepit world, a mix of real-life allusions and sheer all-out parallel fantasy universe (with the story losing its course a bit towards the end). Of course the film is not for everybody, but it is certainly for everybody who likes edgy, unconventional and yet terribly entertaining films. Certainly for everybody who likes films of the slightly unreal “Brazil” kind. It is not too suitable or understandable for too young an audience, it is just not a film for children, in my opinion. The topics of loneliness, dedication, cruelty are very mature themes and also approached in a mature way. Unfortunately there are not many animated films for an adult audience, “Triplets” shows how what great opportunities this opens for the story telling.

  2. This is an excellent film. And I’m not a great fan of animation (except for a few exceptions like this French masterpiece) Beats Pixar flicks any day.
    About your statement that children won’t enjoy this. I don’t think it was meant for Children in the first place. Some sequences were pretty graphic don’t you think. (if my memory serves me right – for I watched this about six years ago).

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