7 comments on “Happy October!

  1. It’s a fun day when I get to reccomend this to someone: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Great German Expressionist film and one of my favorite silent films of all time! Other than that I don’t really have much, as horror’s not really my thing. Glad to see you back though!

    • Thanks for the suggestions, I’ve never seen Eraserhead. I believe I reviewed The Shining last year, but Cabin in the Woods, I’d love to get to that one! Now Manos…I had a bad experience with that film, don’t know if I can sit through it again. We’ll see.

  2. I have to recommend Let the Right One In, which is a great film (not just a great “horror film,” and other than the blood and the vampires and so on I don’t even really think of it as a horror film). One of my favorite films of the last ten years.

      • The possible issue is the subtitles, as discussed here:

        I think the company thought they had a B-movie horror flick, and they cut costs not realizing that they had a film which was going to end up on a lot of Top Ten of the Year lists. Then they had to backtrack and pony up for the good subtitles. But, other than looking at the DVD box, I’m not sure how you can tell which version you have

        If in doubt about which version you’re seeing, watch the dubbed version instead of subtitled (I’m writing a blog post now about how movies are sometimes incorrectly classified on Netflix) . The dubbing was done using the good subtitles. (I know dubbing isn’t as cool, but one of the leads was dubbed even in the original).

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