8 comments on “American Hustle

  1. Nice review Alyson. This cast is an absolute ball to watch just enjoy every second they have working with this script. And who knows, without them, this movie may have not been as great to watch.

  2. If anyone should get an oscar nomination for this film, it should have been the science oven. Definitely my favorite part of the film. Not just for the jokes either, but how it shows Bale’s connection to Renner, it was pretty touching actually.
    I was really hoping to enjoy this movie, but somehow it didn’t go over with me very well. I’m not even really sure why, I just wasn’t connecting with most of the film. Part of it is expectations I think, I really loved Silver Linings Playbook but this film wasn’t that by any means. In a few months after everything is settled I want to watch them back to back and figure out exactly why I didn’t like this one.

    • Compared to Silver Linings Playbook, I wasn’t as emotionally invested in American Hustle either, but I think that’s because the stories were so different.

  3. I know there has been a lot of backlash at this film already and many people seem to be disappointed by it, but I love this movie. From the opening scene when Richie messes with Irving’s hair I was on the edge of my seat wondering how this cast of characters would react in every situation. They’re all using others, but I do think there is some heart to the story as well. In particular, the bromance between Irving and Carmine (Renner hasn’t been getting enough credit for his work here) felt genuine. Same with Irving’s caring for his son.

    • Very true, the way everyone is using each other and the friendships and friction that arise is really what keeps us connected to the film.
      Funny story, in that opening scene with Irving fixing his hair, a lady sitting in front of me whispered to her friend, “That must be how Trump does it!”

  4. What made me laugh hardest about this film was that none of the women seemed interested in wearing a bra! And Christian Bale proves once again that he’s the next Daniel Day-Lewis – his ability to morph into a character so seamlessly is amazing. You’d hardly think this is the same guy who played Batman only a few years ago….

    Lawrence will win the Oscar for this, and the clip they will play is the “science oven” moment. I guarantee it.

    • I imagine this film’s nomination for costume design partially went to the ingenuity it took to keep Amy Adams from flashing us in most scenes. 🙂
      I’d have to agree with you about Bale, between this, Batman and his role in The Fighter, you can hardly believe it’s the same guy. Amazing.

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