12 comments on “The Wolf of Wall Street

  1. Thanks for the warning in the 4th paragraph…I count myself as one who is really weary of gratuitous sex and violence…and screenwriters who seem to think that the “F-Bomb” passes for great dialogue. I shall pass on this one and thank you for saving me 3 hours of a negative experience.

  2. I was quite happy to find that Scorsese is back to making movies about despicable people doing despicable things, this is certainly better and also more entertaining than some of his previous efforts. I was among those would who felt the film could easily lose half an hour, as I lost attention at some parts, there was a bit of redundancy (sure, to make a point of excess, but still). Good to see that DiCaprio finally looks like a grown-up person, and also good to see that Jonah Hill has other abilities than those shown in the last decade. Maybe another step towards a good career in good movies? Thanks for your review! My notes on “Wolf” at http://thomas4cinema.com/2014/01/29/the-wolf-of-wall-street-martin-scorsese-2013/

    • “Despicable people doing despicable things” sums it up well, Thomas! I’m excited to see what lies ahead for Jonah Hill, who ever thought the chubby kid from Superbad could go so far so quickly?

  3. “So just a small word of caution to those who are a little squeamish about too much sex, drugs or profanity in movies, you might want to sit this one out. ” lol I think you are understating it. More like, if you are remotely squeamish, dont touch this with a 10-foot clown pole.

  4. I’m calling it for Leo for his Oscar this year. Jonah Hill was also great, and that “delayed drug hit” sequence made me wet my pants a little, I was laughing so hard.

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