10 comments on “Gravity

    • Thanks. The score wasn’t something that stood out to me. I’ve read something about how sound effects were integrated into the soundtrack, which may have boosted the score into its nomination.

      • I think the score is beautifully composed, and I would be willing to listen to it as a stand alone piece of music. I just think it hinders, not helps the movie as a whole. Often, I think viewers analyze a score based on its sound, rather than its impact on the film. And in Gravity’s case, I think it impacts the picture negatively, by simply replacing sound effects with music.

        We never hear the silence Cuaron promises us, because the music is always so rousing.

  1. Loved the look, feel and atmospheric build-up to this movie, but the script absolutely disappointed me. Felt tacked-on and at times, unnecessary. Good review Alyson.

    • Thank you. I have to agree, even my husband had complaints about the writing, mainly how Ryan’s back-story comes up in pieces rather conveniently to make her more sympathetic.

  2. I can hardly say that this flick belongs to the collection of my favourites, but given the fact that I saw it a month ago and still remember most of it (which cannot be said about many movies), there must be something about the movie which makes it linger after one has left the cinema. I must say that the movie was visually stunning, which makes up for the fact that the storyline was rather forgettable. I think that the impact of the movie is mostly visual, but it did a good job mediating the emotion of a man’s feeling stranded and alone while at the same time showing how ingenious and incredibly tenacious one can be. I definitely agree with you on the fact that the lack of scientific accuracy does not drain the movie of its overall impression and I too think that Gravity deserves those Oscar nominations. Both Cuarón and Bullock performed more than well.

  3. Well, it just had to happen for this Special Effects driven film to get all this praise! This is the year that has ended my interest in the Oscars, as the 2 films I thought were the best (All Is Lost & Blue Jasmine) didn’t even get nominated and this piece of junk did. While I was impressed with the dazzling Special Effects and Sound, I fail to be impressed by two hours of listening to Sandra Bullock mutter to herself in a nonsensical, stupid story. If it hadn’t been for the 3D, I would have requested a refund. I guess, for me and Oscar, all IS lost. And to think that 2001: A Space Odyssey didn’t get nominated for Best Film and this clunker did! It’s a small consolation that, sitting at a bar the other night, all the other (over age 40) patrons at the bar trashed the film as well…so at least I don’t feel completely crazy! Think I’ll skip the Oscars this year!

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