7 comments on “Philomena

  1. I loved this movie and it really surprised me by how good it was. Like you, I was really impressed by Philomena’s outlook on life, one may think she’s weak and naive, but she’s an incredibly strong woman who doesn’t want to be a slave to the past. Dench was great in the part, but I highly doubt she has a shot at winning best actress unfortunately.
    I really liked how sincere the film was, I was afraid it was going to seem overly manipulative but it didn’t come that way, at least to me. Also, the scenery was incredibly beautiful.

    • Thanks Hunter, glad to hear I wasn’t the only one who saw Phil as more strong than weak. Honestly, I’m not sure where Dench sits in the race for best actress, but I’m happy to see her nominated.

  2. Wonderful film. I knew nothing about the story before I saw it so all events were a complete surprise. I found it really quite moving. Dench is terrific as usual and Coogan was a perfect supporting player for her. What a great story!…and very touching! More films of this caliber, please.

    • I agree Ken, there needs to be more films of this nature done this well. I think it does helps to go into this film mostly blind and to make discoveries along with the characters.

  3. I definitely wasn’t into this movie as much, but I see why so many people felt compelled and emotionally-attached to this material. Just wasn’t for me, I guess. Good review Alyson.

  4. Of the nine nominees this is the film that surprised me the most. I figured it was going to be a light drama about a mother trying to reconnect with her son and it was much hard hitting than that. The pure evil that some people can do is well displayed here.

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