11 comments on “Captain Phillips

  1. Hanks’ snub is very strange indeed, espescially given his emotional breakdown in the final scenes. It would have been such a great fun fact if he had ended up winning though, third oscars to two actors two years in a row. Alas, it will never happen.
    I liked Captain Phillips, though I think it drags in the middle a bit and it started to loose my attention. I can’t really say why, but at the end it picks back up wonderfully. It’s a good film, but not exactly my cup of tea and I’m not sure if I’ll be watching it again.

    • Ah, you’re right, no triple Oscar winners this year, through Bale may win his second. The beginning of the hijacking and the end in the lifeboat were the most exciting parts of the movie, I can understand how the middle can feel a bit dragging.

  2. Maybe I should have stayed until the end; but there was so much yelling and really LOUD noise that it finally just became annoying. So this has the distinction of being the first film in many many years that I walked out on without feeling that I missed very much. Also, I just had to laugh when the crew went to repel the pirates and pulled out their big weapon–a water hose!!!!…and Phillips being so concerned about the guy’s injured foot while he is being kidnapped…ridiculous if true! No wonder that the crew is suing the ship owners in real life for their negligence. Am just not sure why this was considered a story worthy of being turned into a film!

    • Ken, I watched this one at home, so thankfully I had the volume in my control, but I understand what you mean about the loud noises. Hearing that the crew is suing did not help me want to see this film, but in the end I try to take in the film as its own unit and ongoing legal mess elsewhere.

      • I guess part of my reaction was disappointment because I was so impressed with Greengrass’ awesome and powerful UNITED 93. Maybe I expected too much

  3. Good review Alyson. By far one of the better thrillers I’ve had the privilege of seeing in quite some time, and most of that can be chalked-up to what Greengrass does as a director.

  4. Nice review, Alyson. I really felt Hanks deserved an Oscar nomination here, but without it, I have my fingers crossed for Barkhad Abdi, who delivers (IMO) one of the grest debut screen performances…. If only he wasn’t up against Jared Leto, I’d say he’s a sure thing!!

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