6 comments on “Dallas Buyers Club

  1. Good review. I agree the film goes too far in herofying Woodruff and in making him seem more important than e probably was in reality.

    I still think it quite good, though.

  2. I actually liked Dallas Buyers Club a lot. It didn’t quite make my top ten of 2013 (only honorable mention), but I was under the impression that all I would appreciate would be the performances and the story ended up being more inspired than I had originally predicted. Still not sure I would ever watch it again because McConaughey’s weight loss scares the crap out of me.
    The only big complaint that I have is that I wished they could have developed Rayon more. You get one scene with Rayon and the dad and that was it. Wish they could have gotten into that more. Otherwise, pretty darn good film.

    • I agree Hunter, I wanted more time with Rayon, that scene with his father really hooked me and then it was over. I also found McConaughey’s extreme weight loss was very unsettling.

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