12 comments on “Oscar Predictions 2013

  1. I think Cuaron is the obvious front runner for director, but I also think McQueen had a shot, especially if 12 Years doesn’t take Editing. Most Picture winner get two of the other major awards as well.

    Otherwise, I agree with most of these predictions.

  2. Gravity’s win for visual effects goes without saying. Best use of 3D in any film, ever.
    I think I went with 12 Years a Slave for production design, mostly based on Lincoln’s win last year. I too feel like it could go to basically any film.
    Gravity also gets editing, and basically every technical category.
    Frozen will get animated feature and original song, though part of me really wants “The Moon Song” from Her to win, “Let it Go” is basically unstopable at this point.
    “I doubt a screenplay with a few extra hundred f-words will win” and I agree. It broke the record I think! Not something the Academy necessarily wants to award though. I’m thinking 12 Years a Slave as well.
    Agreed on original screenplay. I really think Her should win and will (having won several precursor awards), and Nebraska is a good number 2 choice.
    Supporting actress seems to come down to Nyong’o vs. Lawrence, but I hope Nyong’o takes it. Lawrence was funny in American Hustle, but I felt like she was playing herself for the most part.
    Leto does have all the hype, and supporting actor feels like a done deal. All the acting awards seem pretty buttoned up actually, with only supporting actress being up in the air.
    I think Cuarron is going to get director. He’s been winning awards this whole time and the Academy is going to want to give Gravity something, because 12 Years will win the big one. That’s my take on it anyway.
    Nice set of predictions!

  3. I made many of the same, except I think U2 will be the dark horse for best song. Hustle has a very good shot at production design, but I am still picking Gravity.

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  5. Ellen is the host? Gush! I can’t stand that program of her, is major garbish.
    I haven’t seen none, but have ear about them. My guess is that Nyong’o can take it too but it’s always unpredictable. I also guess Leonardo will have to wait a little longer… he’s still «young» LOL.

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