10 comments on “The Master

  1. The interesting thing is that this was discussed, for months and months before it came out, as some sort of attack on Scientology, and it so obviously wasn’t because, as you say, it gave no answers and pretty much no opinions about the bigger questions it brought up. Which is fine — it’s a work of art, not a piece of journalism — but it was surprising, given the buildup.

    My big disappointment, and I know I’m in the minority, was Phoenix. For one thing, his performance just seemed to scream: “I’m acting! Look at all this acting I’m doing!” I thought Hoffman just owned their scenes together. And, frankly, the extent to which Freddie was obviously deranged and dangerous made it increasingly unconvincing that the others would tolerate his presence for all that time.

    A minority opinion, I know.

    • Hey that’s fine. My minority opinion is that this movie was terrible. I’m with Alison, I wish that this had been more about the ideas of the cult rather than the character piece it became.

    • Phoenix was a little too much for me at times. There were some scenes where I wondered if what he was bring to Freddie was the director’s intent or if they just let him run with it, a bit too far sometimes.

  2. Good review. I’ll admit, it’s a very strange movie. But it’s one that I constantly felt compelled by. Not just because I didn’t know what was happening next, but because the cast was so dedicated to their strange roles.

  3. I saw this film when it came out and I loved it. I definitely get what you are saying about the lack of development of the Cause itself, it personally didn’t bother me because there was so much else to think about, but had I been expecting that I would have thought about the film differently. As it is, I think the characters and their strange relationships are more than enough to think about here. The cast does a wonderful job and the cinematography is excellent.

  4. Thanks for your review. I think that The Master was a little bit too intense, heavy and deep for me. But even though I think I couldn’t get grasp of its deeper meanings and themes, I still enjoyed it quite a lot. Especially the fine acting performances by the two main characters. It’s quite a shame that Philip Seymour Hoffman didn’t win an Oscar for his performance. I think his performance was far more greater than Christoph Waltzes in Django Unchainged. Once again, seeing Hoffman act made me truly miss him…

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