4 comments on “The Blair Witch Project

  1. “Turn the volume up full blast to hear every rustle and snapping twig. Turn off your phone and the lights. In fact, just turn off all your cynicism and let your suspension of disbelief take over.”

    Oddly enough, this reminds me of something Tori Amos said once. When the Lilith Tours were going on, people asked why she wasn’t part of that (it would certainly have been a good audience for her). She said, basically, “To do what I do, I need complete control of everything — the stage, the lights, everything. I can’t do it in the middle of the afternoon with people wandering around eating fried chicken.”

    I never saw The Blair Witch Project (I’m not really into scary), but it sounds like a movie that really works better as a movie — in a dark theater on a big screen.

  2. It’s still a pretty scary movie, even if you already know that everything you’re seeing isn’t real. It’s just not nearly as scary. Good review.

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