4 comments on “Gone Girl

  1. Oscar snubbed is right. I never thought this would win BP, but I was really hoping it would get a nomination. I feel like this omission, more than anything else, show how curmudgeony the Academy can be. It’s a brilliant film with a brilliant story, but I’m guessing it was a bit too dark for the Academy. I think it deals with a lot of interesting issues, mostly pretending to be someone you’re not, either for the media or for your spouse. It’s a great film, and I’m really sad the Academy didn’t recognize it hardly at all (especially with two BP spots left open!). At least Pike was nominated. I had honestly predicted it would win adapted screenplay; why Gillian Flynn wasn’t nominated is a mystery to me. I have read the book and she did a great job adapting it for the screen. A few things are left out for time, and you don’t get quite as much of the character’s inner thoughts, but that’s how film works. That’s the main reason why I think the film isn’t quite as disturbing as the book. They both draw you in incredibly well, but the book is just longer and you’re getting more of these messed up character’s inner thoughts sustained over a longer period of time and it got me into a WEIRD mood I can tell you.
    This film made me think of Fincher as sort of the modern heir to Hitchcock. He’s good at crafting stories that are popular but are far more disturbing than most of his contemporaries. Rosamund Pike being blonde is an obvious connection, and Affleck is your classic innocent man wrongly accused. NPH delivering Pike a box of blonde hair dye gave me some flashbacks to the second half of Vertigo, and I’m pretty sure the book has a direct reference to it somewhere, so I suppose a lot of the Hitchcockiness is due to Flynn as well. Fincher also goes to black during the murder scene and I think a few other times which reminded me of the scene transitions during Rear Window. I also feel like if we had ever met Rebecca in Hitchcock’s Rebecca, she would have been quite a bit like Amy.

    • Oh. My. God! I didn’t see it before, but now I can’t deny it, this is such a modern Hitchcock film! And Pike is a perfect icy blonde. Now I have to see this again. Thanks for enlightening me!

      Glad I’m not the only one who was upset about the extreme snubbing here. I was foolhardy enough to get this review ready to post right after the nominations, only to have to wait and edit out my sure-thing predictions.

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