10 comments on “The Theory of Everything

  1. This is a movie I kind of wanted to like more than I did because it was really well made. It still feels like waaay too much like just another Oscary biopic for me to get fully behind it. It’s unfortunate because Hawking’s story is definitely one that deserves to be told, but it should have been done in a way that was less standard and predictable.

  2. “My Left Foot, Pride of the Yankees, Forrest Gump”

    The King’s Speech, A Beautiful Mind…

    It’s a reliable formula if you want to get an Oscar. (I’m still cranky about A Beautiful Mind beating out three better pictures, but anyway.)

    I haven’t seen this picture, but I’ll be pleased if Redmayne wins, since I thought he was somewhat underappreciated in Les Miserables (although I guess he probably doesn’t sing in this one 🙂 ).

    • Thanks for extending the biopic list, I’m sure we could think of more. I forgot Redmayne was in Les Mis! Quite a transformation to become Hawking…and no, not much to sing about here. 🙂

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