4 comments on “Oscar Predictions 2014

  1. Hey, great post and blog! I wanted to add something to the Film Editing category. I think I’m even more pissed that Birdman got snubbed in that category than The Lego Movie got snubbed for Best Animated Movie. The editing in Birdman was its secret weapon for making it look like one big tracking shot yet it didn’t get a nod? (shifts into British accent) Bollocks!

  2. I’ve been convinced for months now that boyhood was going to take BP, but somehow Birdman worked itself into being the favorite, and since I wanted it to win anyway, that’s my official prediction. The grand Budapest Hotel is probably going to get the most awards, mostly for design. I think they’re going to give Linklater best director, because they’ve been splitting it the last couple of years, and picture being so close I doubt one film will win both of them. But we shall see come Sunday!!!

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