6 comments on “The Hateful Eight

  1. I was unfortunately really disappointed in this movie. I like all of Tarantino’s movies a lot, so to not like this one provoked a little bit of a film criticism existentialist crisis in me. It seemed to me that it had all of the brutal things about Tarantino’s films and none of the good, even though on a technical level one can’t really fault it for anything. He’s given us moments of hope in his other films, but this one was just too much of Tarantino excess with nothing to balance it out for me.

    • I understand what you mean, Hunter. It is a very well done movie, but it’s missing something to make it great. I’m hoping Tarantino’s #9 gets back on track.

  2. I’ve watched The Hateful Eight twice in the theater, and I liked it. It has an easy pace, and a lot of character development and the tension is very carefully built, then once the action erupts to the point where people are being killed the film has a sense of urgency it never loses and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen and how everything would play out. And the ending, not a second too soon or too late was very satisfying. I particularly enjoyed the chapter structure, and how we see one chapter out of chronological order.

    In the end I see it as in many ways a better version of Reservoir Dogs which I found unsatisfying. I did like Reservoir Dogs, but only enough to be enjoyed one time. It doesn’t really have anything you can gain from multiple viewings. The characters are thin, the tone is inconsistent, and it ends a bit too quickly. This film isn’t one of my favorites (like Django Unchained always will be) but it did show, I think, how Tarantino has evolved as a filmmaker from Reservoir Dogs to The Hateful Eight. I hope he doesn’t retire too soon, there’s no one else like him in the business.

    • Funny you mention Reservoir Dogs, my brother and I were just comparing it to Hateful Eight the other day! It is a sort of wild west version of RD and really does show how Tarantino has evolved. His movies really are something special and I look forward to his next. Thanks for commenting!

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