6 comments on “Brooklyn

  1. It really was a wonderull experience to see this one. I was able to see it all the way back in October at the Twin Cities Fiolm Festival in Minneapolis. How gratifying it is now to see the film in wide distribution and knowing that it has garned noms in three important Oscar Cats.

    Nice review Alyson

  2. Actually my favorite film of 2015…it was such a delight to see a touching story well told and acted about people that you could really like and care about. Emory Cohen was terrific as Tony; and it was wonderful to see Julie Walters (recall “Educating Rita”) as Mrs. Kehoe…she was so funny that I looked her up and saw her credit for the 1983 film — wonderful supporting performance here. My reaction to the film was “instamatic”: when it ended, I and a friend with whom I had watched it, looked at each other and said almost in unison,,,that’s the best movie I’ve seen this year! and so it was.

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