3 comments on “La La Land

  1. Enjoyed your comments…I haven’t loved a movie this much in years…saw it for the 3rd time today! It is such a delight. Besides agreeing with everything you said, I am particularly pleased that it has renewed folks’ interest in the film which was reported to be one of Chazelle’s inspirations, “The Umbrellas of Cherbourg” which came out in 1964 and is absolutely my favorite musical of all time! When I read that the director kept a copy of the original “Umbrellas” poster in his office during the filming of “La La Land”, I was anxious to see what the inspiration would produce…I was NOT disappointed. What an absolutely beautiful film—–the opening scene is nothing short of thrilling! Bravo to all involved…cast, crew, director. This deserves Best Film.

    • Thanks for commenting, Ken. Three times? I’m jealous! Thanks for the info, why have I never seen The Umbrellas of Cherboug? I’ll seek it out after Oscar season. Thanks!

      • It was nominated for Best Foreign Film in the 1964 Oscars; the next summer, preparing to start Grad School, I saw it in Columbia SC in a small “art theater” typical of Southern College towns, usually located a couple blocks off campus for those students that enjoyed seeing foreign films…I fell in love with Umbrellas on opening night…and it hit me that in the middle of the South, long before any thought of a VHS/DVD era, I would never see the film again. So I saw it every night for the week it played and almost memorized it with my 2 years of college French…today, it remains the only foreign language film that I can watch without subtitles. It just makes me glad to see it getting recognition which I have always felt it deserved. The Criterion Collection is releasing a Blu-ray edition of Umbrellas in April for those as fanatical as I.

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