2 comments on “Manchester by the Sea

  1. Excellent review. I saw this film just today (sunday the 19th) and came away thinking that this film , a reflection of life at its rawest may not be for everyone. The film doesn’t entertain as much as it sears one’s heart.

    Ypu have to step out of the story as it is wrenching and powerful and look at the film from a more technical bais – the acting, the framing of the images, the great montages, and the musical score beneath the images.

    I wouldn’t expect the film to take Best Picture, but Best Actor and Best Screenplay are distinctly possible.

    • Very well said, Mike. I agree, it’s not the kind of film meant to entertain, but the story is so raw and powerful it should not be contained. I can get behind Affleck winning best actor, Best Picture seems out of reach.

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