2 comments on “Moonlight

  1. So glad I saw this one. It is definitely my #2 film of the year, though the advertising almost kept me from seeing it. Not to be hardhearted, but when they advertised it as the story of a young guy struggling with issues of sexual identity, my reaction was “oh, no” think I’ll skip this one! However, it was so beyond this description and the cast (particularly Ali as Juan, Monae as the girlfriend and Harris as the mother) were so outstanding that I was mesmerized by the characters and the story. Still rooting for LA LA LAND; but I’d give MOONLIGHT Best Supporting Actor/Actress and Adapted Screenplay…really a surprise and a terrific film!

    • Ken, have I ever told you how much I enjoy your comments? I am so glad you stepped out of your comfort zone a bit and saw Moonlight. Our Oscar ballots are probably very similar, I’m also rooting for Ali and Harris in their supporting roles here (though it could be Davis’s year). But the big prize this year will go to La La Land, Moonlight coming in a gallant second.

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