2 comments on “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

  1. One of my 3 favorite films this year (the others – Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool & Hostiles) and the only one recognized by the Academy…But what performances! and what a Story!. So many unexpected turns…as a cancer patient, I was moved by Harrelson, but I never saw the scene in the barn coming; nor the attack by Rockwell; nor the assault by McDormand. What I really loved and found so moving in this age of Trump was the uneasy truce between the two at the end as they decide to take a road trip together. All the anger, rage and bigotry remains, though unspoken,,,but there is suddenly Hope!. Not that someone came and waved a magic wand to make everything OK; but that the two former enemies are together in an uneasy truce, ready to at least communicate. It is a slight change, but a beginning! Definitely a film for our time…my absolute pick for Best Film…an inspiring film for me!

    • Well said, Ken, I also enjoyed the unresolved but hopeful tone at the end. I haven’t seen the others in your other top 3, but I saw a preview for FIlm Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool just the other day and it looks fantastic! I also found Harrelson especailly moving, I was a mess during his big voiceover scene. I’m so sorry to hear you have cancer, I can’t even imagine going through that. Please be brave and take care of yourself, I enjoy your comments and stories here too much.

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