3 comments on “The Boss Baby

  1. My 7 and 2 year old absolutely love and adore this movie. My 7 year old son first saw it in the theater on a “date” with mommy. Once it became available on Netflix, he watched it over and over and over. Soon his little sister was in on the act and they would sit and watch it together…. peacefully. lol They love each other to death, but don’t get me wrong, they can still get on each other’s nerves. This movie however, really helped them to bond. We actually bought the movie for my son’s birthday and when I finally sat down to watch it and see what all the fuss was about… I was pleasantly surprised. I knew it would be a cute, fun and silly movie just from watching the trailers. What I didn’t expect was how much heart there is as well. Definitely much more than an “Alec Baldwin as a baby” joke indeed. I thinks it’s very well deserving of its nomination.

    • Chuck, that is so sweet how your kids have bonded over this movie! Here’s hoping more families will have such positive experiences with The Boss Baby. Thanks for commenting!

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