7 comments on “Darkest Hour

  1. Great performance by Oldman concentrating on the early days of WWII. I also saw Cox’s Churchill which deals with the Prime Minister toward the end of the war, specifically dealing with the Normandy invasion, his haunted guilt over ordering the WWI assault at Gallipoli where so many soldiers were mowed down, and his resulting opposition to Montgomery and Eisenhower to the Normandy Invasion…even trying to persuade King George to support invasion through southern Europe. While Oldman shone in the one version, Miranda Richardson was noteworthy as Churchill’s wife in the 2nd version. Better performance from the Oldman version; but I really found the Cox version to be much, much more interesting!

    • Sounds like I need to check out Cox’s Churchill film for comparison, it does sound interesting. Oldman is great here, no doubt, but I’m wondering if it’s enough to convince The Academy to choose his performance over Daniel Day-Lewis.

      • oh, i still think he deserves the award; not only that, but as much as I respect Daniel Day Lewis, he’s got enough already! Besides, I found Phantom Thread to be just too weird.

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