5 comments on “Call Me By Your Name

  1. Not to throw cold water on a critical favorite; but this film left me strangely unaffected, and, frankly, I just didn’t care about their relationship. The father’s opining toward the end was widely praised and, in some quarters mentioned as Supporting-Actor Oscar worthy. I found the speech so unbelievable as to be ridiculous…maybe I am from a different generation, but I can’t imagine any father giving such liberated advice except in the mind of some super-idealistic Hollywood dreamer. Overall, I found the love-story to be boring. The one real positive note was the performance of Timothee Chalamet, particularly at the end of the film where he sits before the fireplace staring silently, conveying so much emotion with his facial expressions…he deserved a nomination just for that, if nothing else.

    • I have to admit, this film would have been flat without Chalamet’s brilliant performance. You’re right, that image of him at the very end made a lasting impression. Sorry you didn’t care for the father-son talk, but I do think what Oliver tells Elio at the end is more realistic for the times, “You’re so lucky! My father would have carted me off to a correctional facility.”

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