5 comments on “Oscar Predictions 2017

  1. Mostly hope you are right, though I would go with Same Rockwell and Allison Janney for Supporting (see I Tonya). On general principles. Nolan for Best Director. Definitely 3 Billboards for Best Film!

    • I’m not happy about them, Ian. I understand that it’s all meant to draw in more viewers, but a popular film category feels like pandering to the masses while alienating those who actually care. Moving the air date up isn’t a big deal, we’ll just have less time to see all the Best Picture nominees. Limiting air time to only 3 hours really sucks since it will cut time to less glamorous categories, when it was once their one night to shine on stage. It’s sad that the film community gets one big night a year and it’s being cut to only 3 hours (not including red carpet, thankfully). Other events, like the Super Bowl, would never get such a harsh cut off time.

      Thanks for reaching out! Sorry the blog has been so quiet lately. Life with my kid and a new baby keeps me very busy. Look for new reviews soon!

      • Yeah, I have pretty much the same feelings as you. Cutting out the smaller categories really bothers me, to the point where I am probably done watching.

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