8 comments on “Upgrade to Mom 2.0

  1. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! My daughter was born on July 3, so I can relate to holiday birthdays. lol My son’s birthday Nov 23, so it’s always the week of Thanksgiving. So she gets fireworks and he gets a giant feast. Talk about spoiled! lol I’m glad to hear someone agree with me about the new category added to the Oscars. I think it’s ridiculous, and I believe I read it was forced upon the Academy by ABC to help increase viewership. The Oscars are supposed to be for films of artistic merit, not box office popularity. Sometimes, they get lucky and honor films that check both boxes, but admittedly (and in this day and age) that’s not easy. Just because a movie make billions at the box office, doesn’t mean it should be honored. It just means it was popular. That what the MTV Movie awards is for. Honestly, I also feel the filmmakers could look at this as a slap in the face or a consolation prize rather than any kind of real award of merit. “You made a film people liked. How cute. Here’s your award no go back to the kids table the adults are talking.” Sounds cruel, but accurate. Also, wouldn’t it mean more if you made a movie that was immensely popular and critically acclaimed enough to be honored among the elite? Just my two or three cents.:) Sorry to ramble.

    • What fun birthdays! I’m really looking forward to my kid enjoying fireworks on his. I totally agree with you about this new Oscar category. If popular films want Oscars, they need to really earn them. Until then, they can stay at the kids’ table. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Congratulations!

    I agree about the “Popular Film” category — and isn’t this intended to solve the exact same “problem” as increasing the number of Best Picture nominees a few years back in the first place? And are they now going to rename the “Best Picture” award the “Best Unpopular Picture” award? 🙂

    It’s too bad Hitchcock isn’t still around. He’d have a few things to say if they gave the Popular Film award to him (as they would, were he still around).

    • Haha! Hitchcock would put The Academy in their place over all this!

      I was thinking the same thing about the jump to 10 Best Picture nominees. It just gave more Indie films great exposure, which I’m all for. Sure hope they don’t make more weird changes every few years to keep trying to gain viewers. Thanks for commenting!

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