6 comments on “2001: A Space Odyssey

  1. Awesome. I was able to see this in Imax this summer too, and I’m very glad I had the chance to do so.

    Also, you have demonstrated the problem I have with people watching movies on computers or, far worse still, phone screens.

  2. I often think that ASO is a film one is meant to “experience” moreso than “understand” in the most literal sense. I get that it has some vague plot, but the combination of characters, music and stunning effects are meant to evoke a feeling rather than an emotional connection, if that makes sense. I have to admit, I’d love to see this in 70mm (the best I ever did was a small retro cinema in the city close by) and am thoroughly jealous of all who get to experience it in such a mammoth way!

    • You’re right, this film just needs to be experienced, bonus points if you claim to understand it. While IMAX is awesome, sometimes those small retro cinemas are the best and often you get real film fans out at those. In fact, I plan to go to my nearby retro cinema this weekend to see Psycho.

  3. Just had to respond with an old hippie’s perspective…Back in 1968, attending graduate school, secondary to counterculture studies in Columbia SC, the word was passed that there would be a midnight showing of this new Kubrick sci-fi epic. It was playing at the largest theater in town, so at midnight a group of us walked in to find every freak in the county ready to witness the magic of 2001!
    I recall the intermission with hundreds of hippies wandering around the theater–almost everyone I knew in town…I also recall my next door neighbor with a bag of treats, passing out purple microdots to the assembled crowd. Anyway, I was overwhelmed and immediately picked it as the Best film of 1968. The critics and the Academy were less generous, though within 5 years all were naming it as one of the 50 best films of all times…it still is! The end sequence with the telescoping of time and the arrival of the star child is still awe-inspiring. One additional comment…over the years, it has come to mind more frequently that of all the screen characters EVER…the voice of HAL always comes to mind. So, with no disrespect to Jack Albertson who won Best Supporting Actor for The Subject was Roses, I submit that the award should have gone to Douglas Rain for his haunting portrayal of the voice of HAL. Anyhoo, thanks for the review and bringing back some good long-ago memories…read the original book/screenplay by Clark & Kubrick for insightful comments about the various concepts in the book.

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