2 comments on “Little Shop of Horrors

  1. I grew up on this movie and it is the only musical that I can tolerate… maybe that and South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut. Most of my childhood, I just liked the idea of an alien plant being fed pieces of Steve Martin. It was hilarious. But as an adult, this movie is absolutely amazing in production. Audrey II is one of the best props ever made in horror cinema. The fact that the lips move to reflect vocal sounds is out of this world.

    Good job mentioning the ending. The one where Seymour kills Audrey II and goes on to live a great Howdy Doody life with Audrey is my favorite. I think it was the theatrical release. From what I heard on the DVD commentary, the ending where all the audrey’s take over the planet wasn’t well received. So they scrapped it. But it is on par with how the original theatrical version was done.

    • Thanks for commenting, I like your taste in musicals! Audrey II is truly an amazing prop, so lifelike. You’re right about the endings, the happy ending made it to theaters since the other didn’t test well. My local drive-in theater recently showed the director’s cut, I imagine that ending is fun at a drive-in.

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