3 comments on “Oscar Predictions 2021

  1. Did you ever see One Night of Love for 1934? It has popped up on Apple TV recently. You can see it for $3.99.

    A few other films I have been having trouble popped up on Apple TV as well, so it might be worth your trouble to look.

    • I do need to see One Night of Love, thanks for the information! I don’t keep AppleTV very long, only kept it an extra month to catch up on Ted Lasso. I’ll try to check it out soon. Thanks!

  2. Did you ever find Hollywood Revue of 1929?

    It’s available on the Internet Archive. They also have Shanghai Express, another one I was having trouble finding.

    I liked Shanghai Express a lot. I haven’t watched the Hollywood Revue yet. I’ll get to it in the next few weeks.

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