2 comments on “Brokeback Mountain

  1. I had the opportunity to watch Brokeback twice in two different cinemas in very different countries.

    I was about to return to my country the weekend that Brokeback opened in Vancouver, so I had the chance to watch it with… well, a lot of gay men with cowboy hats. LOL It was an experience of my own, when I saw Enis grab Jack and give him a good one, I felt a rush but also I felt my heart breaking because of Alma. It was devastating that she had to suffer because of us, as a society, had to put those men through.

    It is in that scene that gets a completely different reaction the second time I watched. People laughed! I don’t know if they laughed because they were uncomfortable, or if they were actually laughing because the idea of men kissing was funny to them, like they were playing a joke on Alma or something.

    Sighs. What’s even more awesome about Brokeback is that each and every time you watch it, it gets better.

    • Thanks for the comment! I’ve heard of many people seeing night and day reactions in theaters to Brokeback, and it really does get better every time. For me, it gets more heartbreaking with every watch.

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