7 comments on “Schindler’s List

  1. Fantastic film. You are right about Spielberg; he is very good at tapping into our emotions. This is one of those few movies were everything is done right. The performances are pitch-perfect, the cinematography captures the time and place frighteningly well, and Spielberg’s storytelling has just the right balance of hope and despair and never once sinks into over-sentimentality or melodrama.

  2. Truly a superb film on many levels. My lord, the cinematography! Initially, I didnot like the ending as I felt it was thrown in to say “it really happened” to the Holocaust deniers and it almost felt like an insult; but I came to terms with it, though I still wish the film had ended with Schindler driving away. What an incredible year for Spielberg who gave us “Jurassic Park” (another favorite of mine) the same year. What diversity! If anyone ever deserved the Best Director Oscar, it was Spielberg that year (for both films).

  3. Last year I visited Krakow and stayed in Kazimierz and visited Schindler’s factory, which is now a museum. A few years ago I visited Auschwitz so I understand your description of a visit to Dachau.

  4. Thank you for your blog and the commentary, however, I must correct one thing.

    It is not Helen with whom Amon Goeth is in bed before shooting from the balcony. It is his German girlfriend. In the movie, despite his obvious longing for Helen, he cannot overcome his racism towards Jews to see Helen as a human. This is in contrast to Schindler. Additionally, Helen is deathly frightened of Goeth and it is implied she would rather die than submit sexually to him. In one scene, Helen even shows tremendous fear towards Schindler’s flirtations even though he is clearly friendly towards Jews.

    The actresses are similar in appearance but it is not Helen in bed with Goeth.

  5. Goeth’s girlfriend, the woman in bed with him during the balcony scene, is portrayed by Magdalena Komornicka while, as you note, Helen is portrayed by Embeth Davidtz.

    Sorry to nitpick.

    Again, thank you for your blog.

    • E Mo, thank you for the facts, I really appreciate it. I must’ve been so wrapped up in the fact that Goeth was just mindlessly shooting people to realize that that woman was not Helen. Thank you again for clearing that up.

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