2 comments on “Julia

  1. I’ve always meant to check out JULIA, having heard so many rave reviews. It’s one of the many “Oscar films” that’s now slipped into obscurity, yet Jane Fonda is an actress who continuously impresses me each time I see her.

  2. This film is classic Jane Fonda in her prime. For about 20 years (1966-1986) she turned in one brilliant performance after another. I was devastated when she announced she was leaving film and am really sad that her return has been in nonsense movies. She was the great actress of the period and is perfect in this film. How fitting that she plays Lillian Hellman…I love the scene where she slugs the guy after being accused of Lesbianism. You are right that Lily seems naive; my take on it is that she was truly in love with Julia and that’s what came through in the performances between Jane and Vanessa. Excellent film!

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