2 comments on “Toy Story 3

  1. What disappointed me with Pixar was some lack in freshness with the humour. Only some, mind you. I really did not like the introduction of Ken, for example, though I appear to be the only one.
    As for the incinerator scene, I agree that it was a little too intense. I’d feel a little squirmy if I had brought kids to see it. I mean, fear and fright have always been present in kids movies, but this was still pretty harrowing in comparison.

  2. I really enjoyed the film upon first watching, and also was impressed by its utter perfection in terms of story-telling, directing, editing… well: film-making (http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2010/08/29/toy-story-3-2010/). When I saw it a second time, however, I felt a bit differently. Some of the action sequences are tumbling over each other a bit too quickly, some of the characters are just not as likable as others (and I agree: Ken is a distraction of sorts – he is supposed to be initially annoying, but to me, that did not happen in a good way). I also think that the film (the whole trilogy, actually) is not suitable for the very small children: The intensity of the action sequences (opening sequence, incinerator sequence) is just overwhelming. that is not a flaw, however, I think. It is a decision by the filmmakers, and needs to be reckoned with by parents. Still: one of the great tales told in cinema.

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