4 comments on “The Godfather Part II

  1. Part 2 is a great film, but I just can’t see why people think its better than the first. So many people do though. Yet the most charismatic characters from the first film aren’t in the second, namely Sonny and Vito. The pace of the second is a little slower and more monotonous. I realize that the flashbacks probably play a big part in it and Micheal’s descent has a very literary feel to it. But I think that the first one is still a far more enjoyable film.

  2. I would not only suggest not to place too high hopes in part III, but rather to consider the first two parts to form one integral entity, not in any way related to the third one. Part III is an afterthought, conceived after the story had been told. Whatever there is to learn about the Corleone family, you have to learn it within part I and II. Watching the two back to back is, indeed, one of the greatest things anybody who loves movies can spend his/her time on! (some people like part III, I don’t – but good or not, to me in particular it is not part of the Godfather narrative)

  3. The Godfather Part II is certainly the greatest sequel ever made. That said, I just have too much love for the first Godfather to put anything above it (even it’s fantastic sequel).

    But I will say that the scenes with Robert DeNiro as Young Vito are my favorite sequences from the entire series.

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