4 comments on “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

  1. I have always wondered if the liberal Hollywood establishment realized how absolutely out of touch they were with the release of this film. While I agree with you about the chemistry between Hepburn and Tracy, the rest of the film was silly (except for the great performance by Beah Richards). What I’m sure they expected to make a profound statement at the time, was, in fact, ridiculed and mocked by the twenty-something movie-going age group I knew as typical limousine-liberal feel-good BS and was abandoned in droves for the much more profound and important THE GRADUATE.

  2. I always thought the real issue here was the fact that the couple was getting married after knowing each other for only such a short time (I think it was a week?).

  3. I’ve read that the Tracy/Hepburn pairing was not planned. They really wanted Tracy for the film, but he didn’t want to do it because of his health. So, they (I forget who exactly) went to Hepburn to get her help in winning him over. She thought it would be good for him to take the part, so she said (more or less), “Spencer, you should do it, it will be great, and I will play your wife.”

    He said yes, and so she got the part of the wife, which had not been offered to her. She just made that happen herself, knowing that was the thing that would get Tracy to say yes.

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