3 comments on “The Thin Red Line

  1. I will admit I haven’t seen this. I want to though. I am curious if you have seen Malick’s New World and how you would compare the two. Your mention of the voiceovers is what makes me think they may be similar in style.

  2. I’m still on the fence about this film.

    I recognize that it is an expertly crafted film that manages to explore ideas of existentialism on the battlefield.

    But in a sense I kind of recent what it represents. Yes, you can ask ethical questions about warfare and the meaning of it all and whatnot…but to the soldiers in the shit, they aren’t thinking about that stuff…they are trying to keep themselves, and their buddies, alive. It just makes the film seem disingenuous.

  3. I’m a huge fan of Malick; but this left me cold. And I thought that Jim Caviezel gave one of film history’s most wooden performances. It took me years before I’d even see anything that he was in. Have tried watching it again…very disappointing…just don’t get it. Even the cinematography wasn’t up to the par of his usual filmwork.

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