2 comments on “The Green Mile

  1. I remember longing for each installment of the serialised novel for I think more than half a year. It was a great old concept revitalised by King with the Green Mile books. The atmosphere of the book is heavy with melancholy, and that transports pretty well on screen, even though Tom Hank’s character is not given as much time, of course, to mourn the loss of what he remembers to be a fulfilled life. I love both the book and the movie, and this is one of the rare occasion where I remember exactly where and when I read the books, and where and when I watched the film … great emotional drama!

  2. Also loved book AND film. Absolutely outstanding performances by Hanks, Duncan, Morse, Jeter, Pepper, and Rockwell, not to mention the small but touching performance by Patricia Clarkson. Absolutely great cast and very touching on so many levels. As silly as it is, I always get teary-eyed at the very end when we see the old Tom Hanks and the ancient Mr. Jangles sleeping in his little crate. I was so glad this got nominated! Love this movie!

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