9 comments on “War Horse

  1. Interesting that you expected a horse movie and got a war movie. I expected a war movie, but got too much horseplay, so to speak. I agree that in decisive moments, Spielberg manages to play it right (such as when the horse is right at the front line and makes the enemy sides work together). But mostly it was terribly conventional, did not dare to scare off its family audience by being honest about the cruelty of war (especially this specific war). The film’s ending got me almost angry … my notes: http://thomas4cinema.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/war-horse-steven-spielberg-2011/

    • Thomas, funny how we both expected more of one half of the title. Keeping the film PG-13 (and therefore keeping the Spielberg family audience) felt like a smart move for the film, while keeping a good amount of violence packed in. But I see your point, this is a bit tame for WWI.

  2. Well, here we go with my Favorite film of the year. I really had no expectations when I went to see it; but only Spielberg can reduce grown men to tears so completely…I don’t know the last time I cried like that at a movie–maybe SEABISCUIT, maybe FIELD OF DREAMS–but what I do know is that when I went into the men’s room after the film, there were a whole bunch of guys in there in the same state as I, sniffling and wiping red eyes. The scene with Joey at the front tangled in barbed wire was almost too much to take…and the reunion, wow! Technichally magnificent, wonderful ensemble performances, inspiring story…yes, an epic!. Of all the films this year this is the one that I know I will want to watch years from now…the one that truly moved me…the film of 2011 that I truly LOVED!

  3. great review, Alyson. I saw a doco on the making of the War Horse stage show, which I caught by fluke because it was late and night and I saw it pop up on the DVR, so I recorded it. I have yet to see the film, but of all the nominees this is the one I hope snags Best Picture (I doubt it will, thanks to the groundswell for The Artist) but I live in hope. Can’t wait to see the film!!!

    • Rodney, the stage show sounds really interesting to see. Sadly, I have my doubts about War Horse winning best picture, but if it did, I would not complain. You have got to go see it!

  4. Completely agree. I don’t understand the complaint about it being too sentimental or not showing the horrors of war. I would compare it to Renoir’s 1938 nominee “Le Grande Illusion.” It’s a very heartfelt humanistic war movie. By following an impartial animal and seeing how war affects all individuals, it’s making a comment on the senselessness of it all. This is especially effective in the no-man’s land scene you are talking about. Certainly very few people criticize that film for the same reasons. It doesn’t mean the horrors not there, it’s just largely happening off camera.

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