11 comments on “Melissa McCarthy – Bridesmaids

  1. Hurm, I don’t know….

    I’ve been pretty vocal in my anti-Bridesmaids crusade, and McCarthy’s nomination particularly annoying. Though you do make a good case for her here.

  2. I’m really surprised by your review in particular and by the extreme reactions by people in general. I must really have lost touch; but it is beyond me how such a stupid, trashy, UNfunny, downright boring film could be marketed as the best comedy of the year…and best Screenplay? The cop was kind of an interesting character; but what was with the obnoxious boyfriend? None of it was funny and the characters were all pathetic…PLUS, as I recall, bathroom humor was really big when I was in the 3rd or 4th grade. This was just disgusting!! Melissa McCarthy was truly terrific in THE NINES; but what happened here is unforgiveable–she was so wasted! There was one humerous aspect to the film, however: for those who rented the DVD, the producers had the incredible nerve to post a notice that you have to BUY the DVD in order to see the “Bonus Features”–now THAT made me laugh! Possibly the worst film I’ve seen in years.

  3. Well, I hate to pile on but I really wasn’t a fan of this movie either. You do make a good case for McCarthy, but I also think you may be giving the depth of her role a little too much credit. She was more genuine then everyone else in the film, yes, but with this cast of characters that’s not too difficult.

  4. Gentlemen, thank you for the comments and the like. I was expecting negative opinions, so far I have found very few men who enjoyed Bridesmaids. My poor husband was also disgusted, and my hysterical laughter could not convince him otherwise.
    Thing is, Bridesmaids is the only raunchy comedy I have found that caters to women. Unfortunately, that can isolate men from some of the jokes and connecting to the situations. But hey, we’ve sat through countless guy comedies, where men are perverse and the girl isn’t much more than an idealistic object to fight for, right? Here, it’s turned around, with a slew of weird women and, well, perfect guys only exist in rom-coms. But Ken, I think the obnoxious boyfriend is an archetype for every good looking, but otherwise terrible boyfriend that women only stay with to avoid being single.

    • Just so you know, I equally despised THE HANGOVER and other raunchy “guy” films too numerous to name…I guess I just have a different sense of humor and don’t find these films to be at all funny, not even slightly amusing. I wish they had a “Hangover/Bridesmaids” warning label for folks like me.

  5. I’m a man and really like “Bridesmaids.” I’ve only seen it the one time in theaters, but greatly prefer it to male equivalents (i.e. “The Hangover”).

  6. Nice words, Alyson, but you still haven’t convinced me that McCarthy’s work was worthy of the Holy Grail of acting. I think I saw Jim Carrey do a similar performance in… hell, most of his earlier films…. and he hasn’t won an Oscar.

  7. Nice to find some guys who like Bridesmaids! While I enjoy and find appreciation for McCarthy’s role, I doubt she will be bringing home the Oscar (my money is on Octavia Spencer). Also, this genera of comedy is very hit-and-miss for me. I’m thick skinned, but I approach these movies with caution. The Hangover was funny the first time, I still laugh at certain scenes from 40 Year Old Virgin, and that’s about it. Bridesmaids feels like it can be funny every time, I’ve been told it gets better with every watch. I hope to test that theory soon and let you know the results.
    Again, thank you all for the comments and great discussion!

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