9 comments on “Nebraska

  1. Good review. I wouldn’t call this my personal favorite (in fact I would probably nominate several movies over it, if I got to make the Academy’s decisions), but I agree it is quite good and rather touching.

    I also love Payne’s decision to use black and white.

  2. While it wasn’t my favorite of the academy’s nominations, it was in my top ten of the year so it’s safe to say I loved this movie as well. While the family doesn’t necessarily bear too much resemblance to my own, I connected with it quite a bit. I loved all the crazy situations that would get into (like stealing the air compressor) and the dialogue was just great.

  3. I just kept missing this one in the course of my travels; but appreciate your review. Am anxious to see it…it’s at the top of my Netflix list.

    • Sure hope you get to see it soon, Ken. I feel like this didn’t get very good distribution. When I saw it, there was only one local screening daily, across town at 10 am.

  4. Good review Alyson. Sure as hell not Payne’s best, but still a pleasant, easy-going movie that he clearly cares for and wants to show us. For that, I have to give him credit, especially since he does it in such a non-pretentious way.

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