5 comments on “The Grand Budapest Hotel

  1. I enjoyed many things about this film, most especially Ralph Fiennes’ performance, but the whole thing didn’t really grab me. Less than the sum of its parts, I suppose. I am crazy about Moonrise Kingdom, which I have watched many times, and I think this was a letdown in some ways. Expectations can be a problem, obviously.

    I wrote about the picture here:

    • Anthony, I believe Moonrise Kingdom may have been a wonderful fluke in Anderson’s career. Many of his movies (including TGBH) leave me emotionally detached, but not Moonrise Kingdom. But even though I’m not emotionally torn when things go wrong for Zero or Gustav, I enjoy the film in other ways. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the film.

    • Part of it for me with Moonrise Kingdom, in addition to how terrific the two leads are (and everybody else, of course) is that I was pretty much that age at that time in a very similar place, and, despite the fact that Anderson wasn’t even born yet in 1965, and the fact that the film is not “realistic” in any conventional sense, he absolutely nails so much about that time and place and age.

  2. This is such a great movie! I’m glad Anderson finally gets a chance to shine at the Oscars, hopefully the film doesn’t walk away empty handed. I agree with you on Ralph Fiennes being snubbed, other than Jake Gyllenhaal he’s the most starling omission in that category I think.
    It always surprises me how dark Anderson can get at times. I mean, when I think of Wes Anderson, I think of these adorable quirky characters, stop motion and models, and bright happy colors, but I always forget that animals always seem to die and how much profanity the movies have. It’s weird to see the darkness creeping in. I think I still like Moonrise Kingdom a little bit better than this one, regardless I had a lot of fun with this movie.

    • I like how you address the strange darkness in Anderson’s films. Yet, it never seems too out of place among the bright colors and cute little models. Hopefully TGBH won’t leave Oscar night empty handed.

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