2 comments on “Sleepy Hollow

  1. I remember the feeling of being in the theater when this came out. I’d seen a few special-effects-heavy films recently, and with Sleepy Hollow the Danny Elfman music came up, the movie started, all the backdrops of the scenes were obviously painted, like in the old days, and it was so nice. A movie that was happy to be a movie and wasn’t even trying to look real. I think that’s why the blood and violence is less disturbing than it might be — nothing looks real anyway.

    Depp is great, too. I like the way Crane is trying to be a scientific detective (in a case where science isn’t what’s going on) but is mostly in a complete panic.

    • Great point, Anthony, movies were just starting to heavily use CGI in 1999. It’s nice that Burton used some old and reliable effects.
      And I do love Depp’s Crane, hilarious! 🙂

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