3 comments on “A Star is Born (2018)

  1. Interesting that you start the Best Film category with “Star”. I guess crotchety old age is taking over as this was my 3rd viewing of this “epic” love story and fragile male ego which just can’t handle a woman being more successful than her male creator. It did inspire me to see the 1937 original to try to understand what possessed Hollywood to keep telling the same tired story every 20 years. The first one for me was just silly and hard to watch as I am a great admirer of Frederic March; the 2nd version featured music by Judy Garland which I hated and James Mason as an unlikely matinee idol in the era of a young Brando and James Dean…or maybe it was just my being 12 years old at the time; all I remember of the 3rd version is Streisand singing a nice song “Evergreen”; I will say that of all the male leads, Bradley Cooper made the best Mr. Main of the 4 versions! But ENOUGH ALREADY with remaking “Star”. My pick for best song is “I’ll Never Love Again”.
    Interesting that Cooper was overlooked for Director’ but…and I hate this about the Academy…they seem to have been intent on making sure that they are racially and ethnically correct in this category. In this “Year of the woman”, this has led to ignoring the Directors of the 2 Best films of the year (my opinion) Chloe Zhao for THE RIDER and Debra Granik for LEAVE NO TRACE. Maybe the Academy should start looking for the best and stop trying to be so clever…the result for me is that I only even liked 3 of the nominated Best Picture films at all…

    • Ken, I agree, this tired old story needs to be sent out to pasture. However, this was my favorite version. I’ll Never Love Again is one of the best songs, so many of them are great!
      I need to see The Rider and Leave No Trace, I’ve heard great things about them. I’m cool with them trying to make the categories more diverse, but yeah, we need more female directors recognized. Thanks for commenting!

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