2 comments on “The Godfather: Part III

  1. This film opened on Christmas Day and we were so excited about it that a friend and I skipped our respective family dinners to attend the opening show…I’m gonna be way harsh: this final episode STUNK! What garbage after the first two, I have almost never been so disappointed in a film…ever. I’ve never purchased the GODFATHER box-set because I have no desire to own this or ever to see it again. What a bummer!

  2. My main problem with it was the lack of Robert Duvall. I read somewhere that Tom Hagen had been in the original script, but they couldn’t afford to hire Duvall. It would have given it more depth, I think, to have Tom there to talk to Michael about where there lives had gone.

    Still, it was a disappointment and probably would have been even with Duvall. The first two should have been left to stand by themselves. Not everything needs to be a trilogy.

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