8 comments on “The Dark Knight

  1. Good review. Great flick from start-to-finish and that’s all because of the epic, grand scale and scope that Nolan heightens this film on. I hate to say it, though, The Dark Knight Rises was better in my mind.

  2. “You have nothing, nothing to threaten me with. Nothing to do with all your strength.” Imagine if batman said that to bane in rises and then ended it with “because I am a symbol. This is how my mind works, enjoy haha 😀

  3. Great review, Alyson – I watched Rises on the weekend and really came to appreciate it a lot more than I did in the cinema, but The Dark Knight remains the pinnacle of the Nolanbat saga. Ledger rules this film and makes it his own.

  4. Lagging a bit behind you in the marathon…. but I just finished watching this for the first time! Man, what did I just see?!?!?!
    Heath Ledger was fantastic, as promised. The way he had those different versions of the “you wanna know how I got these scars?” story really creeped me out. And how I didn’t know exactly who he was, they were never able to find out any details about him…. like he’s just this other-wordly force of chaos, as you say. And a strangely humorous one, as you also pointed out. When I was watching it, I would start to laugh and then stop because I was unsure whether I should be laughing or not… like as soon as start laughing someone’s gonna die and I’ll feel bad. One thing Nolan’s batman films do well is mess with my emotions, I’ll give him that.
    Still had problems with Rachael though. I mean I get Dent loved her and all, and having to witness her dying must have sucked and all, but morality aside, I don’t think it justified his criminal rampage. Like she’s just not worth it (I’m so mean to these damsels in distress I guess)….. Having a different actress did not help me like her at all. The men, especially Eckhart, really portrayed their love for her really strongly, but she just did not seem lovable to me. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know.
    All in all, great film though, and nice review! Now I just need to see Rises!

    • “Man, what did I just see?!?!?!” Perfect reaction! I understand your feelings on Rachel, switching actresses doesn’t help. My only real concern for her was knowing what she meant to both Bruce and Harvey. Hope you see Rises soon!

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